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Hi! I’m Charlie, the writer behind Unleashing Brilliance where I share my greatest tips and tricks to help you Unleash Your Brilliance. I enjoy helping others live a meaningful life and helping them grow to achieve their highest potential. By no means am I a self-help god with all the answers, I am simply just here to guide you on living a brilliant life.

  • Why Do We Seek Permission And Why We Shouldn't
    It's not surprising to find that the vast majority of people seek validation off other people to give them the momentum to carry out various life goals. This phenomena of approval, I believe has ultimately stemmed from the 'social brainwashing' in the early years of childhood. Please note, I will be using the words permission, … Read more
  • 8 Highly Effective Ways To Stay Productive All Day
    Don't get me wrong, being productive all day, every day is not normal- unless you're a robot. But that unbeatable feeling you get in the evening once completing all of your tasks is undeniably beautiful. Sitting back, kicking your legs up with no chores on your conscious… Yeah thats the good life. But that's a … Read more

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